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If you're interested in learning how to do photo real digital matte painting with intensive support, mentorship, and honest critiques from myself for 8 weeks, please take a look at my CGWorkshop offered for only $699 through CGSociety.org (now a part of CGMA).  Check out the December 2016 student art work below.

My next class is TBA 2018 but the wonderful Igor Staritsin is substituting for me during my absence. The course work is still from me but he will use it as a guide to teach the upcoming classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is CGSociety's CGWorkshop now merged with CGMA?
    Yes! CGWorkshop will be now a part of CGMA and will be phased out of CGSociety's umbrella by the end of this year.  Both networks will work with each other to transition the teachers and students as well as forum data to CGMA's server, and will be cross promoting continually. The teaching format will change a little bit, adapting to CGMA's style of feedback once a week, with live video paintovers.
  • When are the lessons available during the workshop?
    At the beginning of each week, the entire lesson module opens up for that week, and you can read/watch the stream-able videos any time you are free. They will be available even after the workshop ends so you can still review them and learn from them afterwards. Most people who take my course are students, part time workers, or even full time workers doing it on their off times.
  • Are the videos live or can we download them from somewhere?
    The videos are all recorded before hand, and are only available through streaming. They will be available even after the course ends though for some time for you to continue learning.
  • When do we submit work or what time zone?
    I will review your assignments and give you feedback as soon as I can anytime during the day. So that’s the beauty of this workshop style as you can do it at your own schedule at any time.
  • Do I need a portfolio review to get in and what skills should I have to take this course?
    Don’t need a portfolio review to enroll in the class, as I tailor my feedback based on everyone’s own skill set. But it’s recommended that you know one or more of this: digital painting in Photoshop, concept sketching pertaining to environments, photography, real world or CG lighting, compositing, basic artistic skills such as compositing, perspective etc, even some digital matte painting as I help you take it further through the workshop.



This CGWorkshop has been wildly popular, and has exceeded my expectations in the quality of work my students have been putting out and the amount of energy I've seen in the forums. Supporting my students and passing on my knowledge to the next generation has been a great honor and pleasure.

Top student work from my CGWorkshops are promoted on my website, Facebook, and on CGSociety's galleries.

I also support all of my past students for life through email, and in the Alumni Lounge, which they are automatically enrolled in for free after having taken the course.  The Alumni Lounge has all past students in there, as well as a copy of the workshop for an indefinite amount of time.  There, other peers are able to continue working on matte painting and interacting just like how they were in the live workshop, and I come in to give support and feedback as well. There is now also a Facebook DMP Alumni group to help continue the learning.


In addition to teaching online, I also help moderate CGtalk.com's Digital Matte Painting Forum, so head there for a ton of free knowledge, introduce yourself, post your WIP's for some feedback from the community, and interact with other professional as well as aspiring matte painting artists in the industry. So introduce yourself, have some fun, and post your WIP's for some feedback from the community. Access it here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/forumdisplay.php?f=196

To view other amazing workshops by other high level industry artists, check out the CGWorkshop Home Page.

Student Examples From Past CGWorkshops


Artist Contacts --- 1st/4th: Andres Ramirez - 2nd: Ian Vicknair - 3rd: Steve Corbett  - 5th: Tom Fitzpatrick - 6th: June Zhu

Thank you to Conrad Allan for letting us in to his Mattepaint.com's new photo library mega site as early users for this workshop term!

October-December 2016 CGWorkshop

May-June 2016 CGWorkshop

February-March 2016 CGWorkshop

June-July 2015 CGWorkshop

January-March 2014 CGWorkshop

Feb-April 2013 CGWorkshop

Oct-Nov 2012  CGWorkshop

Past Student Testimonials

Let me start by saying that it is the first time I've taken a CGsociety class, and first time I've taken any sort of class online. I think it has been an amazing experience. I was very concern at the beginning if I was going to be able to get homework done once classes started luckily via email David was helpful telling me not to worry about schedule and I was going to be able to work at my own pace, which was really nice to hear. This format makes it very easy to see everyone's progress in an orderly and progressive way and the same goes for feedback. I'm glad David kept pushing me to see things that happen in nature or reality that are true to how things around us work. As an artist I have grown much much rapidly, a lot of the stuff I learned at this workshop I was already applying at work. from perspective matching to extracting clouds, image extraction, matching, etc.... the list just keeps going smile I used to be very afraid of reconstructing matte paintings from scratch or concepts. but that no longer holds me back. a good planning and basic directions makes a good end result. What do I regret about this course? Not having more time to invest in ideas I wanted to execute that I knew were going to be too time consuming for the amount of time I was investing on each final piece. but lucky for us all the content is up and available at any given time which i think is pretty awesome!! The course was very well structure, and David was did an amazing job overall, I still don't know how he can keep track of everything! ;) Lastly, I enjoyed working alongside superrr talented artist and watching the diversity of backgrounds and ideas that came to the table. It was very inspiring!
I've done two other CGsociety courses in the past and I can say without a doubt that this was the most intense and rewarding one.First of all: The amount of concrete, little technical tips and tricks you learn is huge. Imho the course is focused less on theory, and much more on hands on stuff and that's just the way I like it. This actually leads into my next point: The absolutely most valuable part of the course is the unrelenting and massive amounts of practical feedback you receive from David. The feedback is elaborate, starts with the big strokes but later evolves to the nitty gritty details all the way to the finished piece, while still giving people freedom to explore their own ideas. This happened consistently on a daily basis, without exception. Hats off to that. Thank you for your patience and support.I myself teach some courses on game development in Unity, and you have inspired me to keep on pushing myself in terms of feedback to students.
Hi everyone, so I want to give some feedback too. It's the first workshop I did, and it was a great experience ! Seeing the work and wip of other mates was really helpful to understand what was my current level and skill, it allows me to compare with others, I don't really know a lot of people doing this actually, my friends don't even really know the difference between a concept and a matte painting so.. but they are cool ^^
I remember when I took my first workshop at CG Society 3 years ago, it was mind blowing for me as I never had a chance to go an art school and my graphic design studies provided too little focus on design, drawing, shape, composition, colour/light theory. The information and feedback I was given was overwhelming in a best sense and maybe that's why I got to stick around and this course was my fifth one. This workshop definitely equipped me with practical knowledge which I can combine now with environment design painting (exactly what I seek to be able to do both 2D environment design and matte painting) It also filled some gaps in light/shadow theory and different photoshop possibilities like channels and extractions. The feedback is always constructive, rising to be more detailed when the work is near the end. I loved that because it allowed me to focus on general image and when I though it was done, there would still be some corrections to be made. It was given every day, every time one posts so I always knew I can ask for help.
I alwaly dreamed about being an artist in game intustry, I really enjoy all the imaginations those artist brought into the games and movies. But I was being self-study all the time, watching the videos and tutorials online, try to catch up in my own way. Soon after I found that I was slow as a turtle, peoples are awesom here in the industry and I felt like I am not even reaching the standard. Drame seems getting far away. This class mean a lot to me coz it is the very first class I've ever take as a training regarding professional skill inside the industry. Bring me to the fantasic world that make my imagination come true! To be honest, I almost knew nothing about Digital Matte Painting before this class, I was only an artist drawing and painting stuff. This class broaden my horizon, let me know that how powerful and interesting matte painting could be, never thought that those kind of images could be produced like this! I have nothing but satisfaction, amazed by this class and David patiently and quickly feedback, he can point out the problems that I did even notice, showing professinal spirit on every images, and always being understanding since I was happened so busy during this 8 weeks, made my progress seriously behinded schedule. This would be the step stone of my learning journey, that I am sure world be full of surprise and excitiment!
Isn’t it a great feeling to create something creative? Isn’t it a great adventure to building something which never existed? I love this creative world. For me, my passion is to create and draw something new. I followed the topic of matte painting and David's work a long time ago. The decision to start this workshop didn’t take a long time to think about. After this eight weeks, I can tell you that it was a great decision to start it. The workshop was awesome. I've learned new skills about visual language, composition, lights and shadows, and expanding my current knowledge about them. Also, my workflow with Photoshop is now much faster than before. The structure of this workshop is great. For international students (like me – I’m from Germany), it’s definitely no problem to work on the weekly quests. David is a great teacher. He explained the quest in an easy way, giving us students individual support about the works. I think he’s got great intuition for each student and know how deep he’s going to promote and improve existing skills. Well, i haven't regretted my decision to started this workshop. Simply: this workshop is awesome. For me i’m gone stay on this train into this beautiful world of the cg-universe and I’m very exiting about the future. Thank you David for showing me this train route into the CG-universe which is a start of a beautiful journey.
This workshop was a great experience. David is an awesome mentor who really knows how to explain things in best way possible. Going back and looking over the last 2 months, I have noticed a great improvement in my general understanding and skill in matte painting. smile David is willing to help you on every step of the way, his advice is always really descriptive and helpful. His optimistic input and love of his work is very encouraging. It definitely makes you want to explore your creativity. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone that wants to learn in a fun and positive environment. smile
David thank you for all the time you invested in all of us over these last months. I didn't expect this at all. Every video was so eye opening and exciting, I couldn't wait for them to post. I was surprised by how quickly I was seeing a jump in the quality of my work. I've grown more than I thought possible in the last two months. Thank you for the amazing videos and especially for how much interest you took in all of our work. The consistent feedback and interest in every post we made is the biggest reason I learned so much. The combination of that and seeing everyone else's process and work created so much flippin growth. I'm surprised at how connected I feel to this class, Thank you to everybody for all your effort and encouragement, I think it pushed us all to reach deeper and try our best. I enjoyed seeing everyone's ideas and each thread was so much fun to read and watch what would happen next. Their was something cool about firing up my computer and knowing that 25 other peeps were cranking too! This was a rare experience and I'm glad I got to be a part of it. Thank you David for creating an environment like this for us!
I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to David and CGSociety for presenting this brilliantly structured course. It's been a concise, informative and challenging journey for the past 8 weeks. I feel it's given me a solid foundation in the DMP workflow and allowed me to trust my abilities when creating work. I'm feeling highly motivated to get started on new work and hope to improve with each piece. David - Your commitment to providing critical feedback so that you got the most out of each and every one of us was such an honour to receive and read. I think I speak for every body when I say you are one of the most knowledgeable, professional and extremely positive teachers in the CG industry. Your guidance has pushed me so much further than I could have ever imagined. In fact, I'm so far past my previous limit that it's shrouded by a light sky blue haze at the vanishing point on the horizon... I completely agree with every thing Tobias and Alexander said. Thanks to all of my peers for their feedback. We have come such a long way. Seeing all of our various skill levels and how it allowed us to create different calibers of work was humbling. It's been inspiring to see how we exceeded our previous limits and pushed ourselves to new heights. I'm happy to have gotten to know you all. I hope we can all stay in touch on social media and the alumni forum. Feel free to add me! I'll be around regularly. All the best and congratulations! Dave PS: +1 Gold Coin for you, David. You deserve it. :)
I really enjoyed this workshop of Photoreal Matte Painting and I am really happy that I did it. The course fulfilled my expectations in terms of content and quality of the information but also surpassed it many ways. I learned more stuff than I thought I could get out of this course at first, and for that I am truly grateful that I decided to take this course. This was, in a big way, because of the work of David. His lessons every week were really informative and comprehensive and helped us students to get good results out of our work. I was blown away about how fast you answered to our posts and how honest and constructive the feedback was (which is hard to get sometimes). I think that you were also excited about what the students were going to do as dmps in class and how far we could take them and that showed when you where helping us improve our work. I appreciate that David took the role as an art director and made us push our work that last 10% even I probably would have been satisfied with an earlier stage. I also have to admit that this is one of the classes with the most motivated people that I have taken. Everybody was excited about each others work and giving each other tips and support and I am glad that I was part of this class. Again just really satisfied with what I learned in this course. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the field.
The experience in the workshop (first of it’s kind for me to be a part of) has been vehemently positive. The material covered is exactly as advertised and David is an obvious expert, ready to share his extensive knowledge (and love) of the matter. His patience and dedication (regular feedback even multiple times per day) really motivated me to push myself further. The best part for me was how the art itself evolves under his guidance; the details, the composition and the values (i’m looking at you black values) are what in the end make the image what we all think it should be. David’s guidance was crucial for my work and, looking back to the beginning of the workshop and the end product, only us - the students, can know how much David’s feedback meant. I’ve started this course to learn as much as possible in order help me transfer my ideas on canvas. Since the end result should sometimes be photo real this workshop has provided me with valuable insight of photo-real digital painting exactly as advertised. The material covered trough the course is detailed and in-depth but still student friendly. This feedback would not be complete without mentioning David’s strong work ethic and dedication; over this eight weeks he scoured the forums several times a day and provided individualized help for each student according to hers or his needs. Last but not least, a big shout out to my colleagues in the workshop. Your motivation and skill was also a great motivator, your valuable feedback and encouragement helped me along the way.
I just really want to say my special thanks here to David and all the peers. Without all the constant feedback on each other's work and witnessing strong dedication you guys have in your work, we might not have pushed ourselves this far ahead than our limit before. This is as close as to a real classroom experience as it can be! I'm also very grateful for David for this very well managed and structured course and having you to guide us every step of the way. Your generosity in providing time and consistent kind attention you've put equally and individually to all students has made the course so much more rewarding and unique than I ever imagined. I would do this course again if I could in a heartbeat! It's been truly wonderful course and working alongside each of you right up to the end. To some of my peers who have been so kind and taken time in giving others feedbacks on top of the amount of work we needed to do, a big thank you! It's always appreciated and I wish we could continue to do that in the student alumni :) All the best everyone and excited to see where you guys headed! Stay in touch comrades!! Congrats and take care! Liane
I really enjoyed taking David matte painting part 1 course. A great source of course readings to get yourself properly versed in all the different aspects of matte painting, from history, camera details, to composition and colour theory. The course progression was very well rounded which made each type of matte painting digestable to understand and learn.The tutorials demonstrated some cool tricks and skills that built on top of each other and really helped anyone from beginner to expert to see how another artist tackles a piece. David is very approachable, gives great speedy feedback (really speedy, everyday attention which is fantastic... new students.. USE IT!) and made the whole experience worth while. He makes you want to push more, and with the constant feedback and paint overs, makes the course very approachable and less daunting. Your skills, no matter what skill level will increase.. ( or level up LOL hahaha...cough) Thanks guys for enjoying the class with me, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the forum, and social media (I have a few of you already!) Travis
David’s course was a perfect stepping stone for me to get introduced to the world of matte painting. As a newcomer, his knowledge about the history, evolution, and current trends in the matte industry were invaluable. I found his approach to feedback was a very personalized experience, and the curriculum being designed to work at your own pace meant I was in full control of my schedule for the duration of the course. He catered to absolutely everyone in the class and gave thorough and precise direction. I was never left waiting more than 24 hours for my critiques and each one left me feeling more equipped and empowered to complete the assignment. His encouragement for class participation, and the online platform in which the course is run, makes it fast and simple to both give and receive feedback from your peers, and I feel everyone’s work grew stronger as a result. Whether you’re a working professional looking to branch out your portfolio, or a student wanting to get in on the ground floor; if you’re looking to push your digital toolbox to the next level definitely give this course a shot!
David’s Photoreal Matte Painting part 1 was really amazing! The course was very instructive and we understood quickly. Each week was detailed accurately. The texts to read and the videos helped us a lot. During the courses, David gave us a lot of his time to make sure that each student knew what was good or wrong with his work. The weeks were split by quests and it was very cool to follow. For sure, I can say David is an awesome teacher. He is patient, very pedagogue and he never hesitate to help his students and after the workshop he’s always here for everyone. Everyone who wants to improve his matte painting skills should follow this course.
David is an excellent mentor. He is extremely helpful and active in the CGSociety forum. Not only does he have a great visual and technical sensibility, he is very patient in allowing the design process to unfold organically. I have taken quite a number of online courses and I must admit that he is one of the best instructors I met so far. His teaching style is very professional and unique. He has the ability to guide us through a finished matte painting. To us, we might feel that our matte painting at a certain stage is complete, but he has the eyes to spot every missing or incorrect details even at that stage, to further push our work to a whole new level of finishing. I must say that his advices and critiques are priceless. From the critiques that he has given us, I can tell that he has spent lots of time and effort to make sure we as a student understand the process clearly. Apart from his professionalism in the VFX field, I am glad to get connected with David in the social media platform as a friend.Even after the course is over, David has always been constantly keeping in touch with all his ex-students. There is even an online alumni forum created for all his past students to connect together. I must say this is another bonus aspect from this CGworkshop course. I strongly recommend anyone who has a strong interest in matte painting to take up his class. Finally, I must say this once more, “THANK YOU DAVID FOR BEING AN INSPIRING ARTIST AND A GREAT MENTOR! “
I strongly recommend this workshop because it is the perfect tool for anyone interested in matte painting. It covers from the basics through all the process until a whole well finished matte painting. It really gives you the opportunity of having a bunch of strong and beautiful pieces for your portfolio. It comprises different videos with techniques to accomplish the paintings, but what makes this workshop really worthy and totally recommendable is the invaluable feedback that David gives. He is a very talented and professional ( and very fun ) teacher who gives you the corrections and suggestions you need to make your piece awesome. I am really grateful I have had this opportunity to grow as a digital artist and to meet amazing people as well.
David’s Photo Real Matte Painting Part 1 course was amazing! As artists we are forever students constantly learning and growing and taking David’s class will definitely help you get better as an artist. The video lectures really help you learn a lot of the technical aspects of Digital Matte Painting, but having David guide you through your projects is where I feel I learned and grew the most. He is very hands on and responds to your questions and work in progress posts usually within a few hours. His advice is priceless as he has a very special way to guide you through a finished Matte Painting without taking over your project and changing it to his style. He catches every missing or incorrect detail, and helps you to correct them till the piece is 100% perfect. For me the last 10% of a painting is usually the most important and hardest part to get right and having David there to help you figure it out are lessons you will never forget. I highly recommend taking this course and promise that if you put in the effort to get the work done you will learn so much, definitely become a better artist, and end up with a few beautiful portfolio pieces.
Within the first week of participating in David Luong’s “Photoreal Matte Painting: Part 1,” I immediately recognized the time and effort Dave put into designing a curriculum that was adaptable to a wide range of artist abilities. The videos, reading assignments and sample files were exceptional tools to absorb and study at your own pace; just like the three primary matte painting assignments. Also, David’s keen eye and encouraging critiques were on par with what I would expect from an Art Director or Creative Lead in any professional game or VFX studio. I learned so much from following the progress of other student’s as well, which is why I think one of my greatest takeaways from the workshop was how to identify problem areas in my own matte paintings and how to correct them.
I really enjoyed the whole journey, starting with some theoretical knowledge and conceptualizing, ending with final matte paintings you can be genuinely proud of. David is not just a professional in his field, he’s also an excellent tutor and most importantly a really friendly and helpful person. His course is designed for all levels of skill in digital matte painting, so whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you’ll always find his feedback very valuable. It was a real pleasure to take this journey with him.
I can fully recommend David and the Digital Matte painting course to anyone who has an interest in digital concept art. I’ll certainly be implementing the techniques I’ve learnt into my concept art workflow. David has changed my perception of using photos in my artwork and I feel it’s taken my work to a new level. David’s teaching style is constructive, yet friendly and always approachable.
David’s course managed to be both beginner friendly and comprehensive for people with experience in the field of matte painting. As someone who has a reasonable grasp of the medium I was delighted to learn a great deal through the workshop, improving my skills and the ways in which I approach a new piece. Throughout the course we were provided with excellent, in-depth criticism and analysis, always in a way which was informative yet encouraging for the newer artists in the group. David comes across as naturally optimistic and friendly, and that really shines through his regular comments and suggestions. Having taken part in many art courses over the years I was really pleased by the shear volume of the package; each week’s topic was accompanied by video tutorials, PSDs to pore over and useful links.
I’m really happy about this workshop! No regrets! David is an awesome teacher, profesional, patient, constructive and really helpfull with his eagle eye! I learned tons of things with him about photo realism ! My future work won’t be the same as before I started the workshop! I quit my VFX school few weeks ago and I more learned with david than 1 year into my school!
I would highly recommend David’s workshop to everyone who wants to increase his digital matte painting skills. He is an outstanding teacher and helped the students to reach their goals in a short time. All the feedback he gave me, helped to push myself further and increased my understanding about DMP. Thanks a lot David for your help and time, it was a pleasure to participate.
This workshop is useful for beginners in digital mattepainting as much as for the ones who already have proficencies in it and wanting to increase their skills: David’s teachings are tailored upon every kind of student and he will follow you step by step to your goal, giving you so much improvement in so relatively little time! Another very important aspect is the feedback exchange students have between each other through the forum during and after the course, while David keeps on giving you advice even after the course has ended, and all this without even considering the promo for the top six students of each course, that surely gives high visibility. For all those reasons and more I highly recommend this course.
I recommend this course for anyone who wants to start learning matte painting or deepen their knowledge. David excellent teacher and very friendly to. Each week has its quests, which are very useful in practice. The big bonus is the top 6, and this is a great promotion for those who got into it. After completing the course open Alumni Lounge, where you will can сommunicate with other students, post their new works and WIP’s, and also to get feedback. I regret that I did not find this course before. And of course, waiting for part 2. David, thanks you for this course!
David’s class was really great. You can tell that he has a passion for what he does and that he wants to teach it to others. He spends an impressive amount of time looking at everyone’s work and giving what feels like bottomless insight. There is as much technically to learn in the class as there is artistically, I highly recommend it!
Taking those first steps into the world of Digital Matte Painting with guidance from David was a great experience. Not only did he give thorough and hands-on feedback, but he responded very quickly (even though I’m in a different time zone) giving me the chance to further develop my paintings without delay. I haven’t looked back once since I started the course at CGWorkshops and I can thank David for that. I can recommend his course to anyone that wants to get started with Digital Matte Painting. Once again, thanks David for your great efforts and motivational feedback.
David’s workshop was absolutely awesome and I can’t think of any other way to learn so much about matte painting in such a short amount of time. From early thumbnails to the finished matte painting, every aspect of the workflow was greatly explained. Also the assignments were exactly what you need, if you see yourself as an matte painting apprentice, including sketching, photo extraction, set extension, changing the weather, changing the time of day and so on and of course doing complete matte paintings. What I also really liked were the lessons about the history of matte painting and hudson-river-school (my jaw dropped, when I read that in former times matte painters worked on set to match the weather- and lighting conditions while the crew waited for them to finish). Also the feedback David gave was brilliant. It was always encouraging, always spot on and he replied so fast, that I still can’t imagine how he did it. Thank you David, you are an inspiring artist and a great teacher and it was a pleasure to do the workshop with you!
David is a great mentor and artist. His tutorials are very thorough as he illustrates the fine details behind creating a great matte painting from thumbnails right to the full completed piece. I initially came into the course thinking that it was going to be about creating one perfect matte painting, however, this course also strongly focuses on the foundational elements of story and digital painting. I have done a fair few online courses and this course is definitely worth the time and money. David is dedicated to helping his students achieve the best outcome for each project as he provides almost instant feedback and is very thorough in his critiques. I highly recommend the course for anyone looking to build there skills or just wanting to try something new. I can’t wait for Part 2 of the course!
David always replied to posts so quickly I wondered how he got any work done at his day job! He created a positive, encouraging tone but still challenged us to work hard and improve our skills. That ability to teach, convey ideas and critique constructively and warmly is a skill completely separate to David’s professional skills in the VFX field. It’s what sets good teachers apart from poor ones irrelevant of their portfolios, and I think David is a really good teacher. My thanks to David for a really fun, motivating and informative 8 weeks.
I don’t really know where to begin since this course has been amazing in so many ways. David is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. He really spends a lot of time helping everyone, no matter how much help is needed. Just watching one of David’s videos will make you improve, because you always learn something new, whether it’s just a shortcut in Photoshop or when you dig into theory from the text documents, you will always learn something new. That’s what I think is best with this course, you never stop learning and that you always get quick replies with great feedback from David. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone interested in the art of matte painting, from beginners to working professionals.
I just wanted to write my thoughts on the course and also to thank you for creating this course. I honestly think that choosing to enroll may prove to be one of the best decisions I have made in regards to my own personal development as an artist. At first I felt very intimidated by the course outline, as I have had no previous experience with matte painting. I had to produce at least 3 matte paintings by the end of the course?! How on earth was I going to achieve that? Especially considering I had a full time job and family commitments eating away at my time. However I found the course to be extremely well structured, easy to navigate and understand with very clear goals (the quests!) at the end of each week. This was aided by well put together videos which I found very helpful when learning all these new skills. Although some were very long (the real time ones), I feel that they were an integral part of the learning experience. The supporting files were also excellent learning tools, helping me practice each step before launching myself into my own matte painting. The feedback from David has been absolutely INCREDIBLE! If there was one thing I would say that stands out amongst everything in this course, it would be the time spent learning from the master himself. And that is saying something considering the quality of what has been laid out for the course. David was there on each piece every step of the way, offering valuable critiques and also how to achieve them. He has gone above and beyond what I had expected from this course. Oh, and it turns out I managed to get 3 matte paintings at the end of the course after all… despite my reservations of the course at the very beginning. Many thanks David for starting me on this excellent journey.
I have to say that the whole experience has been fantastic. You have always replied amazingly quickly to everyone’s posts, in fact did you ever go to bed? Haha. I totally agree it felt like we were learning from someone who really cares about the work we were producing and the upbeat and positive way you put together your feedback made me want to get on with the changes straight away. As I got closer to a finished matte, the paint overs were a great help for some visual direction and drew my eyes to things I would certainly have missed or not thought of. The information and videos you had put together were great and how they were released at relevant stages meant they were fresh in my mind at the times I needed the info. Also the sample files to download relating to the videos were a great help. Nice to be able to spend some time going through how all the layers were put together etc. I think most of us at some point suffered from work getting in the way but the way the course is set up to have access to the information after its end for a set amount of time and the support you clearly give everyone after the 8 weeks are up allows all the catch-ups to be done with ease. I would like to thank you for being a fantastic tutor and your knowledge and guidance has indeed made a very positive impact on me and I will take that through to my future work.
For me, David is not only a good teacher, he was very friendly throughout the workshop and delivers each week assignments in time. He always critique to each and every student in the workshop and encourage doing more and more. I was really excited and thrilled when I enrolled in his workshop. Besides critiques and helping other students on their assignments, David also share about his past and present experiences in his VFX field. He also talk about how to create a good portfolio, how to become a better artist. I really thanks to David for what he delivers to me on those 8 weeks of matte painting class.
David’s course is the perfect way to learn everything about creating stunning images and photorealistic matte paintings. The immense effort he puts into this class is greatly noticeable in every lesson, critique and feedback. David’s passion for art, his spiritedness, energy and honesty he puts into words responding to our questions and ideas is intoxicating and make me sit down and start doing art. It was a pleasure to get to know such a wonderful mentor and amazing person. I recommend this workshop to everyone who strives for perfection and wants to create matte paintings from the initial sketch to the final artwork. The outcome got me an interview for a dream job! I feel like I fully absorbed the lessons you taught us and that I can apply them to my daily work/life now. Even I didn’t expect such an outcome when I decided to enroll here. In addition, I can’t thank you enough for the extra service of providing us with the honor of being your students forever (that must sound shocking!).
I definitely enjoyed this workshop, I’m very grateful for all the knowledge and information David shared with us and he is so patient and friendly, I couldn’t have asked for more. Being part of the workshop class was great, seeing everyone develop over the 8 weeks and getting feedback from others helped me push myself further and helped me gain confidence in the work I was creating. I’ve learned so much and now have 3 finished pieces which I’m proud of! So happy I got to join in with this workshop and I’m looking forward to part two.
I was a student in this workshop in February 2011 and I would like to say that David is a really talented instructor and matte artist! He taught us a lot of important things while we were doing our concept paintings and matte paintings. He’s very positive and always happy to help anybody who has any questions to him regarding matte-painting or VFX industry. I learned a ton of necessary things about digital matte-painting and many thanks to David to share with us those wonderful information about very talented artists from Hudson River School. I really appreciate that because I’ve always been interested in traditional art. In addition, I can say that the course was very helpful and extremely interesting! I highly recommend to take part in the workshop to anyone who wants to be fit to the highest requirements the industry of visual effects.
David’s course was one of the best I have done, and I feel it made me grow a lot as an artist. When I took his course, I had not find yet a job in the industry, but what I have learned has undoubtedly helped me get where I am today. Not only that, it’s perfect for who’s passion is Matte Painting. Truly magnificent!
I can identify David Luong’s course as one of the most influential reasons I decided to go all out for a career in matte painting and concept art. Up until then, I had willingness but lacked focus and and knowledge, but his course provided me with the essential basics. It also taught me what questions to ask, where to look for solutions, and how to approach problems. The working atmosphere David creates is inclusive and you can freely contribute opinion, ask questions, show W.I.P.’s and pick away at your problems until a solution is reached. He also encourages and hints at solutions so you can start to find your own way without being entirely reliant on him. The outcome of this is that you gain the confidence to be more decisive while remaining open to new approaches and problem solving in a team-environment. I happily recommend David’s classes to everyone with an interest in matte painting, and general vfx work.
I took the CG Workshop matte painting course a few years ago and still find the skills I learned handy on a day to day basis for my work. Knowing these techniques has opened up many opportunities some really fun projects. David is a fantastic teacher. He is friendly, very knowledgeable and gives honest, thorough critiques, which is a must for anyone trying to improve their craft. The lessons and structure of the course were just right to keep me motivated and excited about being involved. I’d definitely recommend this course.

Additional former workshop students


Usama Jameel - http://www.linkedin.com/pub/usama-jameel/34/191/a82
Gordon Tarpley - http://www.gordontarpley.com
Felicity Moore - http://felicitymoore.carbonmade.com/
Fabio Silva - http://www.fabiomsilva.com
Igor Staritsin - http://www.igorstaritsin.com
Elena Topouzoglou - http://elenavfx.weebly.com


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Note: My CGToD (Training on Demand) streamable video packages are now discontinued as of January 2016.

CGtalk.com's DMP Forum and Free Monthly Challenges

For other digital matte painting resource, I highly recommend you check out the DMP forum over on CGtalk.com where I am also a forum leader.  There's a great DMP Tome of Knowledge that I've curated for a list of resources and inspiration, as well as a monthly DMP mini-challenge to hone your skills monthly with free entry and great prizes to the top 3!

Book: d'Artiste Matte Painting vol. 3

To enhance your education and complement my CGWorkshop, I also offer the d'Artiste: Matte Painting 3 book in which I was privileged to be a co-author of along with two other amazing digital matte painting artists, Milan Schere, and Damien Mace.  The foreword was written by the legendary traditional matte painter and current Senior Art Director of Weta Digital, Michael Pangrazio. In the book, I offer breakdowns of three tutorials: "Ivory Castle," "Monolith City," and "Skyward Life". The book also features digital matte paintings from talented artists all around the world.